Comprehensive Biomass Services

SunWood Offers feasibility studies, life cycle analysis, carbon foot printing, and financial & grant acquisition assistance. These services are tailored to meet the needs of each customer and can be critical in determining a biomass project readiness as well as it’s financial viability.

Aditionally…SunWood is a licensed and insured plumbing and heating contractor for commercial & residential work in the State of Vermont with 10+ years experience in heating systems and biomass boilers. We work closely with several engineering teams that also have extensive experience with biomass installations at the small commercial,  institutional , and residential levels (Andy Shapiro Kohler & Lewis, LN Consulting, FH Systems, Lane Associates).

We feel there is real value in having the person who sells you the system also have extensive experience in design, installation, and commissioning of your biomass heating system.

We offer our entire customer list as for references as we fully believe in customer satisfaction

In short, we take great pride and ownership in our systems and their installation.